Margaret Totten - MA, RPC, CPCC, LCT-C
Registered Professional Counsellor, Life Coach & Licenced Counselling Therapist -Candidate

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Career Transition Packages

Thinking about a career change?  

Although I am a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), Registered Counsellor, and Licensed Counselling Therapist (Candidate) with the NB College of Counselling Therapists, I am also someone who has personally lived every step of the re-invention process.  Having been there, I would be honored to help! you! 

I offer the following Career Coaching services:

Career Assessments:

If you want to explore your career interests further, using proven tools, I am licensed to administer the following assessments:  

Strong Career Interest Inventory

This assessment tool helps high school, college students and mid-career workers in their search for a rich and fulfilling career. Measuring your interest in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects, the questionnaire compares how similar your interests are to those of people successfully employed in those occupations, to show you work you might be most satisfied with.

The Strong Inventory takes thirty minutes to complete and is administered online

The Career Values Scale (CVS)

This is an up-to-date measure of work values, preferences and needs. These values are a part of a person’s core beliefs and give meaning to the person’s career and life and they are a useful indicator of job satisfaction and personal goals. 

This assessment takes about fifteen minutes and is administered online. 

Career Coaching Packages

One Month Career Coaching Package.  This package includes:

  • One half-hour orientation session by phone (re:online assessment). 
  • The Career Values Scale Assessment, and 50-minute interpretation.
  • The Strong Career Inventory Assessment, and 50-minute interpretation. 
(Note: Sessions can be in held in person or by phone). 

 "Values & Vocation" Three Month Coaching Package 

To develop a strategy to find the work that naturally fits you, together we'll clarify the following:

  • Values -  The Career Values Scale and other worksheets will show you what you truly care about.
  • Obstacles- We'll unearth the beliefs/thoughts holding you back from true fulfillment.
  • Career Ideal- We'll create your "big picture" vision of a fulfilling work future.
  • Abilities-  We'll assess your personal qualities, talents, skills & accomplishments. 
  • True Feelings- What's motivating your desire for change? A "time out" can help determine if it's really your work  or   something else you need to change in your life. 
  • Interests- The Strong Career Interest Inventory will help tell you about fulfilling career paths, leisure activities and causes you might enjoy.
  • Options- We'll try to determine this from the detailed assessment of your authentic work personality we now have.
  • Natural path forward- You'll now be on track with inspirational goals and strategies for reaching your career dreams, one step at a time!

This package provides:

  • Three 50-minute coaching calls per month, in person or by phone
  • Weekday e-mail support as necessary
  •   The Career Values Scale
  •  The Strong Career Interest Inventory 
  •  Detailed Interpretations for both assessments. 

Contact Margaret at [email protected]