Margaret Totten - MA, RPC, CPCC
Registered Professional Counsellor & Certified Life Coach

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Margaret Totten RPC, CPCC

Registered  Counsellor &

Certified Prof. Co-active Coach

Cell: 506-639-7972


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Are You in the Midst of Change? 

Are you frustrated, lost, stuck or having trouble getting clarity to make good choices? If so, It's time to take a second look at your resilience and ability to create peace and happiness again. 

Life brings us many times of change:

- Separation & Divorce 

- Career Transitions 

- Serious Health Issues

- Burnout from Work-Life Imbalance 

- Empty Nest Syndrome

- Retirement from Work

- Grief and Loss

- Abuse and Trauma Recovery

The men and women I counsel and coach are wise, competent and capable. Like you,, 


You are probably used to being self-sufficient, and able to work things out for yourself. Having experienced change and handled it in the past, you're probably also very self-aware and insightful.

If this is you, not being able to get a handle on this present crisis or life change may be causing you to beat yourself up. You don't understand where the "you" that you know has gone, or why you're feeling frozen, alone, and unable to take the next step forward.  

It's hard to risk letting someone in now, after sheer willpower has been keeping you going.  My experience with change has shown me that too much change, too fast can temporarily de-rail even the most resourceful souls.  

The key word is temporarily.  With a specific plan and some new coping tools you'll soon be back to feeling like yourself again.   


You know by now that no one but YOU can make the right decisions for you, but working with a coach or counsellor can: 

- Help you tell your story. 

- Let you vent to someone who understands. 

- Give you a safe place to let down your guard.    

- Help you find new solutions. 

- Give you space to heal.  


I know when I began to trust that voice inside, things started to fall into place and decisions became a whole lot easier.  

If you are longing to move forward, I have been there and I understand. I've made personal and career decisions that have ended up giving me more fulfillment than I ever thought possible.  But I had to deal with the self-doubt and fear first.  

I can help you  to develop self-trust, so that you feel empowered and "on track" with your life.  If you're facing a challenging situation, contact me today and let's see if we're a fit! 


Contact me today at [email protected]